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We are currently unable to provide an English-language of the website

We are currently unable to provide an English-language version of the website. You have just taken part in a test. Clicking on the flag allows us to measure the demand for a website in this language. This feedback is important to us, as it enables us to provide you with an even better service.

Depending on the results of this test, an English version of the website may be waiting for you if you click on the flag next year.

At present, we can refer you to: Google Translate

  • Google Translate (Chrome) if you wish to view the website in a different language.
  • You can also click the right mouse button to do so:

1. Move the cursor over the page and right-click and click on 'Opties'

2. Choose 'Doeltaal', select the desired language and click on 'Vertalen'

3. The current page will be converted into the selected language

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